Venezuela – Canaima & Salto Ángel

English: Venezuela – Canaima & Salto Ángel Im Jahr 2005 durfte ich 3 Monate in Venezuela verbringen. Das Abenteuer meines Lebens. Hier ein Bericht über den Ausflug in den Nationalpark Canaima und die Flussfahrt zum Salto Ángel. Das im Norden Südamerikas gelegene Land Venezuela hatte in letzter Zeit einen sicheren aber bitteren Platz in den Tagesnachrichten... Weiterlesen →

Venezuela – Canaima & Salto Ángel

Deutsch:Venezuela – Canaima & Salto Ángel In 2005 I had the pleasure to stay 3 months in Venezuela. The adventure of a lifetime. This article is a report about a trip to the national park of Canaima and the journey to the famous Salto Ángel aka Angel Falls. Venezuela, a country situated in the north... Weiterlesen →

Cannabis as painkiller – Interview with Franziska Quadri

In an interview, Swiss artist Franziska Quadri tells about the importance of cannabis in handling her chronic pain. Deutsch: Cannabis als Schmerzmittel – Interview mit Franziska Quadri Miracle cure ... gateway drug ... painkiller ... Hippies ... Snoop Dogg ... Rastas ...  Associations and stereotypes exist in droves when talking about cannabis. In most peoples heads... Weiterlesen →

2.4mR – inclusive sailing on lake Achensee

A couple of years ago a development started on the Tyrolean lake Achensee that won't be stopped too easily: Inclusive sailing is on the rise. Deutsch: 2.4mR – inklusives Segeln am Achensee Hiking, climbing, mountain-biking, sledging, snowboarding, skiing, skiing, skiing ... skiing - Tirol is famous as leisure paradise for active people. What most people do... Weiterlesen →

El Médano – not quite a spotguide

What was planned as a spotguide, turned out to be more of a character sketch of El Médano, a little town on Tenerife, famous amongst wind- and kitesurfers. Click here to read it in German: Spotguide El Médano – eine Themenverfehlung Imagine a small, picturesque fishing village on the Canarian Island of Tenerife. Under cover of... Weiterlesen →

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