Focused Ultrasound Treatment: Burning out the pain II – The intervention

About Focused Ultrasound Treatment (FUS) against neuropathic pain - part II: The intervention. Deutsch: Fokussierte Ultraschalltherapie: Hirnverbrannt II … der Akt Part one: Focused Ultrasound Treatment: Burning out pain – Decision-making and preparation This last night I could not catch too much of a good night's sleep. Worse: No breakfast in the following morning. Although I had... Weiterlesen →

Cannabis as painkiller – Interview with Franziska Quadri

In an interview, Swiss artist Franziska Quadri tells about the importance of cannabis in handling her chronic pain. Deutsch: Cannabis als Schmerzmittel – Interview mit Franziska Quadri Miracle cure ... gateway drug ... painkiller ... Hippies ... Snoop Dogg ... Rastas ...  Associations and stereotypes exist in droves when talking about cannabis. In most peoples heads... Weiterlesen →

Meditation as painkiller?

In only a short time meditation managed to change my life for the better. Here is the reason why ... Deutsch: Meditation für Schenkelklopfer A while ago the feeling came over me that it was time to find new ways to deal with my neuropathic pains. After my life had been revolving around my steady companion... Weiterlesen →

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