Kiteboarding lessons for wheelchair users: The perfect school at the perfect spot.

Deutsch: Kitesurf-Schulung für Rollstuhlfahrer: Die perfekte Schule am perfekten Spot.How does the perfect spot and the perfect kiteboarding center for sitkiteboarding lessons look like? This article gives the answer. In this article I will outline the perfect conditions for sitkite lessons. Main focus lies on the conditions at the spot and the infrastructure of the kiteboarding... Weiterlesen →

2.4mR – inclusive sailing on lake Achensee

A couple of years ago a development started on the Tyrolean lake Achensee that won't be stopped too easily: Inclusive sailing is on the rise. Deutsch: 2.4mR – inklusives Segeln am Achensee Hiking, climbing, mountain-biking, sledging, snowboarding, skiing, skiing, skiing ... skiing - Tirol is famous as leisure paradise for active people. What most people do... Weiterlesen →

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